LARC ABOUT Vending grand opening



We are proud to announce LARC ABOUT has a brand new vending van which can be seen out and about the region.

Primarily the van will be situated at the Leach Park (Short Steet) boat ramp car park; Right next to our LARC Tour departure point.

We are by the water and right on the coastal board walk in a perfect location for a few moments to rest and enjoy a nice beverage or snack whilst taking in this quiet location with a view.

The van not only offers you pastry, icecream , treats and cool drinks but has given us the opportunity to market our much loved tour, merchandise and local history books.

We can also book tour itineraries for any number of activities as well so come on down and check it out!

If you miss the van on site feel free to drop us a line and we will be sure to help you out.